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“Lively, educational, and a fun romp
through Europe’s professional circles,
With Ballet in My Soul blends the artistry
of performance and visual enhancements
with an adventurer’s heart to provide a
heady mix of travelogue, career journey and personal odyssey that’s hard to put down, With Ballet in My Soul is a rare gem….”

–– Midwest Book Review

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Moonstone Press LLC, established in 2001, publishes high-quality photography-based books in English and Spanish for children ages 2-14 and adults. We value excellence in photography and feel that children interact in a special way with real-life, beautiful images. Whatever the subject, photos have a strong impact on our society, can provide positive role models, and have the ability to bring about change.

Because we live in an inter-connected world, we are also aware of the vast tapestry of ethnic groups that make up American culture and enrich our lives. We feel it is important to honor this diversity and decided to make a number of our titles bilingual, not only because Spanish is already widely spoken throughout North America, but also because it is one of the most popular foreign language electives in our schools. With 50 million Latinos living in the United States as one of the fastest growing minorities, and with one in four people under the age of 18, the role of Hispanics in the lives of our country’s children will be significant for many years to come. When you combine these facts with the richness and variety of Latino culture around the world the possibilities of creating attractive and informative books and other products remain exciting, challenging, and plentiful.

Please join our team in exploring and celebrating books for home, school, and the community as we offer new titles to educate and captivate our readers.





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